Life is a Journey....

Taylor Whitaker writes music about the complexities of life: love both unconditional and unrequited, life both glorious and heartbreaking. Her melodic and often folk-sounding songs are derived from her passion and experiences. She provides the listener, soulful folk with a country fried twang.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Taylor’s love of music started early. Often seen standing on tables performing for family members as a child, she continued to love performing throughout her life.


Taylor’s musical journey ranges from musical theater to opera to rock bands to backup vocals on rap singles, but her true abilities lie in blending acoustic folk with poppy melodies. Her drifty vocals and intricate guitar strumming blend together with catchy melodies to create songs that listeners can’t help but sing all day.

A fairly recent transplant to Nashville, Taylor has started working with AGD Entertainment, J. Hall and Brad Blackwood, and plans to release her first EP in the upcoming months. Her EP will include newly remastered songs she’s shared before, and completely brand new tunes that will delight listeners of all ages and genres. She hopes to grow her influence in the Nashville area and share her passion with others.